Labels & Digital Print

Melinex® polyester films are the industry standard for durable label facestock films, and are also a preferred substrate for applications such as exhibition graphics, signage, point of sale advertising, and pop up banners.

The dimensional stability and consistency of Melinex® polyester film delivers ease of processing and our range includes a wide range of optical properties including bright white, black, satin matte and ultra-clear films.  Offering the opportunity for sharper graphics and brilliant eye catching images, Melinex® polyester film can be printed on directly using flexographic and UV inkjet technologies or other digital print technologies using a suitable top coating.

Melinex® PET for Label Facestock Applications

Melinex® films are the industry standard for PET durable facestock and overlamination. Our films are used in applications where durability of the label facestock is critical, such as Automotive, Electronics and Pharmaceuticals. Increasingly Melinex® PET films are being selected as the material of choice in battery and EV applications where the combination of our consistent quality, our 60 years of experience in electrical insulation and our VTM-0 rated flame retardant films give confidence in the most demanding applications. We also offer a range of siliconized release films delivering an ideal balance of performance and cost competitiveness.


The benefits of Melinex® PET films


PET is resistant to a wide range of chemicals making it excellent for highly demanding applications. High levels of thermal and dimensional stability enabling use at elevated temperatures. Building on our experience in the solar industry, the UVHPET™ range offers a viable alternative to PVC in outdoor applications. PET films are widely used in the labels industry, but when it comes to durability not all films offer the same level of performance as Melinex® PET.

In the most demanding applications such as automotive and electronics, Melinex® PET grades have been proven to significantly outperform competitive white PET films in the UL 969 durability test, resulting in significantly less “chalking” after ageing tests.

Ease of Processing

Excellent stiffness lending itself to reliable high speed labelling processes. Biaxial orientation gives good tensile properties and tear resistance.


Electrical properties make PET ideal for the new challenges in batteries and electrical vehicles VTM-0 and VTM-2 options available for the most demanding applications. Excellent printability and appearance of finished label – clear, white, black, matte, gloss options available.


PET is the most recycled plastic on the planet, and Mylar Specialty Films were the pioneers in the use of recycled content in our film range. Halogen free enabling safe and effective end of life outcomes.

Digital Print Applications


Our films are used in the complete range of printing from traditional printing processes to the latest digital printing technologies.  They are used as a base film for technologies such as “direct to media” UV inkjet, silk screen and lithographics and flexographic print, and with further coating and conversion in narrow and wide format inkjet applications. Typical applications include; pop up display and banners, ticketing, point of sale advertising, back lit panels and signage.



Benefits of Mylar® PET, Melinex® PET and Kaladex® PEN Films

  • hangs flat
  • resisits curling and unrolls flat even after storage
  • superb image quality
  • waterproof
  • chemical resistant
  • heat tolerant in use
  • tearproof
  • crack resistant
  • dimensionally stable, will not stretch, deform or delaminate in use