Polyester Films for Packaging

As the inventor of heat-sealable, dual ovenable polyester films, we have been at the forefront of industry changing developments from the emergence of ready meals through to the cutting edge of ovenable flow wrap packs.  With the Mylar® COOK range we are yet again redefining polyester film introducing an innovative range of thermoformable products.

Mylar® polyester films have also set the standard in recent developments in fresh produce packaging and deliver the industry standard performance in seal performance and peelability to fresh fruit punnets. Here too our leading edge science and breadth of manufacturing capability is changing the way we see polyester films with our new “humidity control” development aimed at extending the shelf life of produce and minimising food waste.

We have a unique understanding of polyester’s potential to protect and enhance food, and at the same time helping the supply chain deliver on packaging waste and recycling targets.  We have developed a range of films designed to make the aim of all PET packs for a wide range of meat and fish products a reality.

Fresh Produce

The packaging of fresh produce has been revolutionised and Mylar Specialty Film have once more been at the forefront. Our Mylar® Harvest Fresh range sets the industry standard for lidding films used to package fresh whole fruit such as berries, fresh cut fruit and prepared salads.

Mylar® PET films offer the industry standard in easy peel performance with reliable seals achieved across the widest range of punnets and packing lines.  Strong hermetic sealing is achieved even in the most challenging conditions of cut fruit packaging where contamination from the product can cripple the seals of other lidding films.

Eye catching shelf appeal comes with class leading anti fog plus great printability features.  Mylar® PET films also offer good machinability and convertors can punch and perforate using a variety of methods for enhanced shelf life.

Clip on lids, paper labels and reverse printed laminates can all be replaced with a Mylar® PET lidding film to deliver a lower cost, lighter weight PET pack with enhanced shelf life and design appeal.

Meat, Fish and Poultry

Polyester is uniquely placed to deliver stunning shelf impact and product protection while at the same time helping to contribute to sustainable packaging goals by delivering these properties in an inherently recyclable and light weight pack.

We have developed a unique range of lidding films designed to be used with mono APET and r-PET trays for the packing of raw poultry and fish as well as processed products such as charcuterie.

The Mylar® PET range of lidding films offers the widest range of seal options from consumer friendly easy peel, to the industry standard in permanent seal technology for enhanced security.  Shelf appeal is enhanced with excellent levels of clarity and anti-fog performance.

Ovenable Films

By redefining polyester films, Mylar® polyester films offer genuinely ground breaking packaging solutions that respond to changing lifestyle demands.

Trust and quality are bywords that define everything we do, and the combination of our long heritage in high temperature applications and close relationships with industry experts helps us to achieve the highest levels of food contact legislative compliance.  Consumers can cook products packed in Mylar® polyester films in complete confidence, and enjoy the convenience and safety of “no touch” cooking.

The Mylar® range of ovenable PET films consists of an unrivaled option of different sealable and peelable lidding films for use with mono cPET, Co-ex cPET or ALU trays. We also supply a full range where Mylar® polyester films become both the primary pack and the cooking medium. This includes a range of heat sealable films designed for flow wrap and VFFS applications, as well as the unique Mylar® COOK range designed for thermoformable applications.

The benefits of using Mylar® PET films in the cooking process are numerous. Flavours and aromas are kept and enhanced during the cooking process so even the most inexperienced Cook can deliver restaurant quality food at home with no mess and no waste.  The no touch cooking experience delivers high levels of food safety and individual tastes can be catered for by cooking different foods at the same time without cross contamination. An additional benefit is that in many cases the cooking time is reduced, delivering increased convenience and helping to reduce energy consumption.

Ready meal lidding from Mylar Specialty Films

Cap Liners

We are the leading supplier of heat sealable films used in Cap Liner laminates.  Our Mylar® PET range of heat sealable films offer ease of lamination and excellent lay flat and die cut properties delivering significant manufacturing efficiencies.  Our range delivers a wide range of heat seal properties ranging from permanent seal films to easy peel opening, while providing reliable hermetic seals.