The Mylar Specialty Films name is the most valuable component of our corporate identity. It is readily recognizable around the world and consistently portrays us as an integrated, highly respected company. Mylar Specialty Films is the official trade name of our company.

Mylar Specialty Films trademarks are themselves incredibly valuable commodities. By diligently protecting these trademarks, we are able to build distinctive Mylar Specialty Films brands that are instantly recognized by loyal customers.

In Mylar Specialty Films, we are both proud and protective of those Mylar Specialty Films trademarks and brands we handle. A complete listing follows. We will be providing the rules that govern their use. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

  • Melinex® PET film
  • Mylar® PET film
  • Kaladex® PEN film

Good Trademark Usage – A guide for users of our products:

Mylar Specialty Films trademarks should be followed by the registration symbol ® each and every time the trademark appears. ® is the correct symbol for showing that the trademark has been registered.

The trademark should be followed by its generic or common name at least once on each page, panel, or label–preferably the first time the trademark is used. If the generic name of the trademark product is not mentioned in the document, it should be noted in a footnote on the page where the trademark is first used.  The trademark should be identified as a Mylar Specialty Films trademark.

Only Mylar Specialty Films and its wholly owned subsidiaries, when licensed to do so, may use the Mylar Specialty Films name in connection with goods and services offered globally by the company.

If you have questions or need additional information regarding any of the trademarks owned by Mylar Specialty Films, please Contact us