polyester films for medical applications


Mylar Specialty Films are a trusted supplier to the healthcare industry, supplying Mylar® PET and Melinex® PET films that are relied on by healthcare professionals around the world.

Mylar® PET and Melinex® PET films are used in a wide range of healthcare applications including diagnostic media (such as blood glucose test strips), wound care, medical packaging and face shields and visors.  We have decades of experience of supplying Melinex® PET films into medical device applications such as blood glucose or COVID-19 test strips, and Melinex® FS1 and Melinex® AG3 deliver class leading anti-fog and anti-glare properties which are a key requirement for medical face shields.

Our control of change protocols and the highest levels of product stewardship make Mylar® PET and Melinex® PET films the go to choice for the healthcare industry, and our continuity of supply protocols provide peace of mind in critical applications.

Polyester film offers unique benefits when used as the substrate for medical test strips:

  • Inert and plasticiser free: no migration of species to the surface over time
  • High stiffness: thinner films retain rigidity when inserted into reading devices
  • Dimensionally stable to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Tight caliper control: reliable insertion into reading devices
  • Film surfaces can be modified to improve ink adhesion or to make the surface hydrophilic
Mylar and Melinex films for diagnostic testing