Mylar A polyester film for motor slot liners

Electrical Insulation

For over sixty years, Mylar® and Melinex® polyester films have been key components in electrical insulation systems and provide the ideal solution for various industry sectors such as Wind Energy, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Household, Lighting & Cable.

For applications that need electrical insulation systems offering high reliability and long service life, Mylar® A is the industry standard polyester film providing the optimum combination of mechanical strength, thermal resistance and durability.  Mylar® A is available in the thickness range of 23 to 350 micron from our manufacturing plants in Dumfries, UK, Hopewell, USA and China.

In addition to Mylar® A polyester film, our product range for Electrical Insulation includes low oligomer film for hermetic compressor motors (Melinex® 238) as well as low shrinkable films (Mylar® ADS).

Mylar A polyester film for slot liners
Mylar A polyester film for slot liners