PET and PEN Polymers

Mylar Specialty Films, the world’s leading manufacturer of polyester films, is also an established supplier of high quality speciality polyester polymers and copolymers tailored to the specific needs of a wide range of industries.

Our capabilities include:

  • Flexibility: batch polymerisation to support customers from 3 to 3000 tonnes
  • Wide range: polyesters and co-polyesters using a variety of comonomers, catalysts and additives to produce novel effects
  • Quality: advanced process control to ensure full compliance with customer specifications. Certified to ISO9001-2000
  • Development: integration of pilot plant and full-size units to develop recipes for special applications

Customised Polymers

Our range of customised polymers for innovative solutions include:

  • Homopolymers – linear or branched, amorphous and crystallized
  • Co-polyesters –  Acids including: Terephthalic, Isophthalic
  • Glycols including: DEG (diethylene glycol), PEG (polyethylene glycol)
  • Others as requested Amorphous and crystallised


  • Accurate addition of mineral fillers, opacifiers and anti-block additives, plus antioxidants, optical brighteners and dyes

Choice of catalyst systems

  • Catalysts based on Germanium, Antimony and Titanium to produce a range of optically bright or food-contact approved polymers

Wide range of viscosities

  • Amorphous and crystalline polymers
  • IV range from 0.5 – 0.75
  • Post-production Solid Phase Polymerisation enables IV enhancement up to 1.5 (solution) and crystallisation to a specific target