DuPont Teijin Films developing antimicrobial film to target E-coli and other harmful bacteria

In its Global Technology centre at Wilton UK., DuPont Teijin Films targets its innovation resources at meeting today’s challenges and providing options for solving tomorrows problems. Growing public concerns over hygiene, fuelled by recent publicity about pandemic flu and food safety incidents, have highlighted the need for new solutions.

In September 2010, at the Biocides in Synethic Materials Conference in Berlin, DTF reported interim results on work aimed at providing an anti-microbial surface on its flexible polyester film which also met regulatory requirements.

Using novel process capability DTF has engineered an active functional effect into its film which, it has been demonstrated, can successfully meet the real microbial challenges such as MRSA and Ecoli* which occur in everyday situations, for example healthcare and food preparation areas.

The data obtained link claims, effects and benefits in a way that is vital both for regulatory approval and sustained credibility in the marketplace. With its existing reputation in surface effects and food packaging, DuPont Teijin Films has been able to design the product to meet both EFSA and FDA food contact requirements.

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* The recently discovered ‘new’ strain of Ecoli has not yet been tested