May Contain Horse?

For better or worse we all know a lot more about the content of some processed foods than we did a few months ago. Clearly, unwelcomed surprises about what’s in the food we eat are no laughing matter. But do you know what is in your food packaging?

As Leigh Richardson, Technical Manager for Convenience Packaging at DuPont Teijin Films, says ‘Packaging is playing an ever increasing role in how food is processed and distributed, and in how it is displayed and cooked. After the glare of publicity surrounding the ‘horsemeat scandal’ we need to be sure as an industry that there are no ‘skeletons in our cupboards”.

Following the most recent regulatory changes DuPont Teijin Films continues to lead the way in Food Contact compliance.

The devil is in the detail….
When it comes to food contact, near enough isn’t good enough. You need to know that all the details are covered. That’s why DTF carries out comprehensive, rigorous testing of all the Mylar® product range for direct food contact using independent, externally accredited laboratories to prove that our films are fully compliant with the new standards. We make sure of the safety of every ingredient and what you see is what you get….

It’s all very well testing a piece of film and getting the right result. But how do you know that the film you are buying is the same?

DTF has long invested in a manufacturing culture and practice to ensure that the samples we test are representative of the film that you buy.

We don’t just rely on our rigorous, controlled procedures – we have them externally audited to check compliance and to guarantee traceability from finished film all the way back to raw materials. Our goal is to make Good Manufacturing Practice our everyday practice so you can be 100% certain that the film you buy is the film we tested.

Knowledge is Power

Our approach to high temperature food safety is based on an understanding of the legal requirements developed over many years of serving the food packaging industry.

‘Having dedicated, proactive, science-based resources is key to our philosophy’, says Vivienne von Morgen, who leads DTF’s European Product Stewardship Team. ‘And being backed up by the Regulatory resources of DuPont, who work with industry bodies and government, gives us a capability which, together with our track record, has earned the trust of the industry. All of which means that you can rest assured that we have done it right’.

Take it on Trust

Over many years DTF has been providing Declarations of Compliance which set the standard in our industry, giving you all the information you need regarding food types and cooking temperatures, and helping you to meet your obligations within the EU and even further afield. Our aim is to continue in that leadership role so that you can choose the right Mylar® film for your specific application and use it with complete confidence.

Mylar®, the trusted brand in Convenience Packaging, only from DuPont Teijin Films