New Food Contact Legislation starts to bite

While the attention of Europe’s media and consumers was firmly focussed on the unfolding horsemeat scandal the latest stage of implementation of the new EU food contact legislation slipped by almost unnoticed. Even though it didn’t grab the headlines the new requirements represent the most significant change in many years.

The ‘Plastics Regulation’, often referred to as the ‘PIM’ (Plastics Implementation Measure), came into force in 2011, but their impact will be phased in progressively through to the end of 2015. This new legislation is EU wide, and specifically covers plastics intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. It repeals the previous 2002 Plastics Directive and so the regulatory landscape across Europe is unified and changed. Companies and individuals in the supply chain need to be confident that they are fully compliant with this now mandatory approach to the consideration of plastics in contact with food.

With its heritage in the safe use of plastic films in high temperature cooking applications the dedicated DuPont Teijin Films Product Stewardship Team have been preparing for this over the past year. Our aim, as always, is to take a lead in this field so that our customers can buy with complete confidence, knowing that our products are fully tested and approved and that our documentation will fully meet their required obligations under the new legislation.

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