Airbus and DuPont Teijin Films hit the sky

DuPont Teijin Films are really excited about the news that the MoD are planning to procure the new Zephyr-8 (HAPS High Altitude Pseudo Satellite)

The plane technology is being developed and marketed by Airbus Defence and Space who after discussions with DTF’s Technical and Research team at Wilton, Teesside, UK are using Mylar polyester films in its construction.

The Zephyr is eco-friendly and runs exclusively on solar power, charging its batteries during the day and their power at night to keep the vehicle in the sky.

The unmanned aircraft provides affordable, persistent and local satellite-like services and flies above the jet stream, at some 65,000ft and able to remain aloft for months at a time.  For this application to operate functionally the Mylar polyester film has been specifically designed to be extremely light weight , robust at low temperatures and also cope with stress loads of being at high altitude.

Designed and built in Britain, the vehicles will carry payloads that provide valuable remote sensing communications services.


At altitude: Zephyr in flight

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