Tofu attractively packaged

Thanks to its R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, the family business Saigon Marked can systematically expand its product range and virtually triple the shelf life of its tofu products.

In March 2015 the company started for the first time with the production of Mylar® COOK packs, since these films can also be used simply and reliably on MULTIVAC’s thermoforming packaging machines. This process enables the packaged protein-rich tofu products to be stored either chilled or frozen, and then cooked in the sealed pack in either the oven or the microwave. The vacuum packaging prevents freezer burn, while the moisture and quality of the product, as well as its aromas, are retained during cooking. When a defined pressure is reached, the pack opens automatically in the oven, and the browning process then starts on the colourless tofu.

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