MULTIVAC gives information to the next generation

MULTIVAC regularly invites school pupils and students, who want to take up a career later in the meat industry, to the company’s own test kitchen, where the Mylar® COOK concept is presented to them. The educational institutes taking part include the Fleischerfachschule Kulmbach (Kulmbach School of Butchery Science), the Hochschule Kempten (Kempten Technical College), the Staatliche Fachschule für Lebensmitteltechnik Berlin (Berlin Technical School for Food Technology) and the Fachschule für Lebensmitteltechnik Neumünster (Neumünster Technical School for Food Techology).

After an introduction to the technology, there is a presentation on the commercial aspects, before the participants get to taste the Mylar® COOK dishes themselves. The technology was specially developed for the cooking of food at a high temperature range up to 220 °C.

Whether meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, ready meals or bakery products – thanks to Mylar® COOK, the cooking is effortless.