Collaboration to develop film to film recycling for the future

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Poseidon Plastics, Alpek Polyester UK, Biffa Waste Services, GRN Sportswear, O’Neills Irish International Sports Company and University of York to develop Poseidon’s enhanced PET recycling technology. The collaborative project, partially funded by UK Research and Innovation as part of its Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge, strives to bring together inputs from across the PET value chain to demonstrate the potential of the technology to enable circular economy for some of the more challenging fractions of the PET waste.

DuPont Teijin Films will be working closely with Poseidon to facilitate application of Poseidon’s technology to flexible PET films. We will utilise our polymerisation expertise and pilot and production scale polymerisation facilities to develop PET polymerisation process based on BHET feedstock.  We strongly believe that collaborating with our and the wider PET value chain on this technology has the potential to enable film to film recycling in the future.