We are the leading supplier of ultra thin PET and PEN films for capacitor dielectrics.  Our unique simultaneous draw manufacturing process delivers the optimum balance of mechanical properties and thermal shrinkages, making Mylar® PET and Kaladex® PEN the ideal solution for both wound and stacked capacitors.  We are able to manufacture films less than one micron in thickness, boosting the capacitance per volume of miniaturized film capacitors, and our unique film stretching process minimises surface defects and leads to fewer voltage breakdown events in the finished capacitor.

Mylar® PET film capacitors are used in a wide range of applications where their smaller physical size than other filmic material capacitors makes them ideal for the miniaturization of devices.  Mylar® polyester film can be readily metallized or can be combined with layers of aluminium foil to produce wound and stacked capacitors as well as SMD capacitors. The ability of metallized Mylar® polyester film to ‘self heal’ should there be any localized breakdowns gives an advantage for higher voltage applications.

Our Kaladex® PEN films offer the ideal solution In applications where a higher service temperature is required such as lead free soldered SMD capacitors and automotive lighting.

Kaladex® PEN HV – The new high temperature dielectric for power capacitors

Kaladex® PEN HV film provides a dielectric with a high service temperature and highest energy density compared to all current materials. In addition when metallized it has excellent self healing properties. Potential Kaladex® PEN HV applications are high temperature power applications such as DC link in EV/HEV automotive and avionics, industrial energy conversion and renewable energy.